On February 5, 1915 nine women of the Monroe district of Santa Rosa, California gathered together to form the Monroe Neighborhood Clubhouse. Meeting in homes, local halls and even chicken houses, these gatherings soon became work parties when WWI arrived. The women took up their knitting needles, sewed, set up jelly, and helped the Red Cross meet the needs of our troops. Seven years later, on April 27, 1922, the present hall was built and founded by the membership of the Monroe Neighborhood Clubhouse, whose numbers now reached thirty-four.

Today Monroe Hall continues this sociable tradition by offering daytime Jazzercise classes and a variety of dances most every night of the week. Many friends and sweethearts have met at Monroe Hall throughout the years and continue to participate in its festivities as part of Monroe Hall’s extended and welcoming family.

The centerpiece of the hall is the dance floor. Known and loved by dancers throughout Sonoma County and beyond, our beautiful unfinished maple floor was laid in 1947. We have been told that Monroe Hall has the finest dance floor in all of Northern California.

The ambience of the hall harkens back to a time of comfort and grace. While resting between sets, dancers can gaze at the original warm redwood walls lined with horseshoes from mules, oxen, and horses; a collection of square nails, painted saw blades, old farm equipment, antique fire extinguishers and much more.

Dance the night away!