Welcome to Monroe Hall

At a time when the world seems to be speeding by at an ever accelerated rate and social interaction seems to only occur via an impersonal electronic device, it is good to know there is still a place that values old fashion one on one interaction and fun.  When you step through the double doors of Monroe Hall, you step back in time to a warm atmosphere and a place where people greet you as reacquainted friends. New comers are welcomed as warmly as those who have been coming for 40 years; single people as well as couples.

The dances, dance lessons, events and exercise programs at Monroe Hall appeal to a wide spectrum of ages, skill levels, and offer favorites from every decade, and from around the world.  From African Dance to Zydeco; from Swing to Jazzercise; from Scottish Country to Country/ Western Line Dancing; from Contra Dance to Zumba, you will find your favorite dance and workout at Monroe Hall.

Marguerite Longtin and Elizabeth Cabraser have made a concerted effort to retain the original ambiance and use of the hall- realizing that old fashion dance halls are becoming more and more rare.  So come step out of your crazy life and into the comfort of an old fashion dance hall.  Bring a friend or come alone, you won't be disappointed and you just may meet some new friends.

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