Rotating Quilt Exhibit

 In place of the painted hide on the wall which had rotted, it would be lovely to have a rotating Quilt exhibit.  Did you know tha Monroe Hall started out as a sewing guild?  Do you have a quilt that you would like to proudly exhibit for two to three months?  Contact us and we can make arrangements.



We are painting the hall barn red with accents of deep blue and cream.  You won't miss us from the street now.  Miss Mourning Dove is still raising her babies in the front canopy so we will wait to paint this for when she is done.  We will probably need to change the sign to match the colors.



We are getting a lovely Young & Chang piano for the hall today.  It is not a new piano but she is in great shape- just like all the dancers at Monroe Hall.  Have fun tickling her keys.


Mildred and Trudi Love their Tee Shirts And You Will Too

As you can see, Mildred and Trudi look stunning in their Tee Shirts and you can too.  We have had these shirts for awhile and we would love to get rid of them.  We have mostly smalls in the black tank tops; a couple of XL black tee shirts, and a variety of the dark blue tee shirts.  You can make your very own fashion statement for only $10.  THAT'S RIGHT!  $10 FOR A WONDERFUL QUALITY HIGH FASHION TEE SHIRT. Just contact us through our contact page and I will make sure you get one or  two or three.

Ready for another 89 years of dancing and music

 With a lot of very hard work, we are open again and ready to break in the new floor.  Jazzercise is there this morning and so far the reports are very favorable.  We also replaced the linoleum in the kitchen which makes the area look bright and clean.   Come and check it out and report back.  We love feedback.

Wow! It is beautiful

 I went by the hall yesterday and the floor is being installed in record time.  They are doing a beautiful job, and, this floor will have something the other floor did not and that is a vapor barrier.  Feel free to stop by and have a look at the floor.  Let me know what you think.  We also will be putting new linoleum in the kitchen but that will not happen until next Friday.  Don't worry, the new linoleum will not match anything else in the hall in keeping with the Monroe Hall style- certainly part of the charm.



 What a day we had.  I thought only a few people would show up to help remove the old floor to make way for our new floor- boy was I wrong.  Eight am and twenty five people showed up!  Within 4 hours amidst a storm of dust and noise that would rival any jet engine, the old floor was totally removed.  Check out the photos that Michael Van der Porten took.  So now we are left with a pile of wood in the front of the hall- a pile of memories, years of polish from dancers feet.

You Want Bumper Stickers

 Join the crowd and get your bumper sticker.  We are asking $1.00 for 2 bumper stickers- such a deal.  Contact me through our "contact page" and I will make sure you get as many bumper stickers as your car can hold.  Show everyone that anybody who is anyone goes to Monroe Hall.


What you get for your money

Recently I have been asked a number of times "What do I get for my money?".  What you get for your money at Monroe Hall is a full evening of entertainment, a place to gather and have a great time with old friends and meet new friends.  Behind the scenes, $10 pays for a door person, dance instructors (sometimes multiple instructors), wear and tear on sound equipment, rent for the hall, advertising, and after all of this some minimal income- maybe.  $15 for an evening with a top rated live band also pays for the band.

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